Executive Summary

Project Summary

The development of a multi-faceted cloud platform that implements machine learning and other advanced technologies to accurately forecast demand, and optimize travel to, from, and within a destination.

This project will provide destinations with an easy to implement, use, and maintain technology that will accurately index a destination’s available resources, enable dissemination of best practice business models, and automate the marketing of offerings based on a detailed understanding of consumer interest and forecasted demand.

The initial launch will focus on iOS devices and consumers interested in local experiences while traveling. Providing businesses with a high-quality mobile interface with clients that provides the automation and data necessary to anticipate what their clients need.


Designed by a healthcare technology professional with decades of experience implementing complex technologies to support clinical provides and operational leaders manage and adapt processes to effectively care for and improve the outcome of patient care within a clinical setting.

Informed by this experience and the knowledge gained through the creation of a business focused on providing a beach concierge service that leveraged technology to dynamically deploy resources to specific locations with the intention of reducing crowds, protecting community interest, and empowering businesses to collaborate to provide high-value premium experiences to locals and visitors alike.


Day Dream is implementing several interconnected technologies that will set the foundation for future products and services. Initially focused on creating a mobile experience consumers can easily integrate into their current day travel plans with a scheduling platform that helps them plan, book, and manage local or distant experiences.

Starting with an onboarding web portal that will welcome users to create a free “Dreamer Profile.” This supports our efforts to engage users and expand interviews to prioritize development efforts.

Current challenges center around team building as the pandemic has limited our access to in person networking. This means we’re focused on digital platforms like LinkedIn and Angel.co to amplify Day Dream’s vision and push our efforts forward.

Results and Conclusions

Through our previous experience in healthcare and our time developing a tourism service product on Oahu we have collected user feedback through the context of services that seek to provide a fully inclusive experience that manages the complexity of bringing people together.

Users seek out technology that reduce complexity of common everyday task, like syncing calendars, managing individual preferences, while keeping their data secure. Day Dream automates routines like searching, booking, and communicating details between relevant parties.

The responsibility of managing group travel creates stress and distracts from creating a desired outcome. This stress leads consumers to cruise ships and theme parks with close ecosystems that have technology that can take on some of the responsibility of entertaining everyone.

Day Dream recreate some of benefits of these closed ecosystem tourism products with decentralized, independent resources optimized to a destinations economic and environmental needs.


Day Dream is focused on the initial release of a B2B SaaS Subscription service that inserts destination businesses into the “digital paths” of consumers. Creating a scalable solution that will streamline client engagement processes and inform visitors of local services while providing them with instant access to a businesses offerings.

Our approach will focus on the deployment of Day Dream’s Live Itinerary and Virtual Trip Crew functionality. Providing a foundation for understanding demand and enabling local collaboration with real-time information sharing.


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