Corporations and Governments use massive amounts of data to anticpate your behavior.

You shouldn’t expect them to be honest about what they know. We think that should change. We are building an analytics and automation platform inspired by big business that thinks about you.

Knowledge is Power

With Day Dream’s approachable business analytics and automation platform you can anticipate and respond to changes in the world around you. Focus on what makes you different.


A technology platform that makes creating immersive service products easy. One that uses transparent data to inspire accountability and help destinations adapt to their visitors interest and needs.

Consider This...
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Kayla & Jake's beach day powered by You


Tomorrow we’ll use your data for more than advertising.

Instead, we’ll provide everyone with the data they need to make the best decision for the experiences they seek.

Your clients will see your services and products within the context of their day.

Let’s see how it works with Kayla’s day at the beach.


Kayla uses Day Dream Technologies experience app to plan and communicate local experiences with her friends.

The app makes finding the right time easy and provides options she and her friends are actually interested in.


Instead of shopping for individual options, Kayla can look for complete experiences personalized to her own preferences, goals, and limits.

This means your business can adapt it’s menus to the specific needs of your clients. Enabling you to design complete experiences that feel effortless for everyone including your team.

Access to menus and customer service is easy and integrated into your client’s life.


Day Dream’s experience app keep your clients on track and helps reduce their stress by providing direct access to the information they need right when they need it.


Traveling today is complex. Things seem to change by the second.

Now your business can guide your clients in real-time with branded GPS way-finding and content.


A rich communication channel ensures you always have someone to ask.

Integrated into your clients experience means sharing and coordinating plans is easy.

Supporting your clients is effortless.


Just incase you don’t have a multi-billion dollar R&D budget, Day Dream creates a branded mobile experience for your clients.

Providing quick access to your menu, your team ensuring your clients are never waiting.

Providing a premium mobile experience anyone can bring to life.


Day Dream is the first technology platform that considers how we’re all connected.

Environmental sensors and social networking tools help communities stand out and share what makes them special while helping visitors be great guest.

Small Business Analytics means strong community connections that can empower even the most remote destination community respond to global interest.

The individual contributor


As an individual contributor your experience app feels different but packs similar skills.

Do people enjoy your parties? Don’t have the capital to test the waters?

Day Dreams experience app can help you launch your brand. Or collaborate with other brands to create immersive experience products that elevate the game.


Small business analytics means you have a deep understanding of your client’s needs.

Day Dream creates a closer connection that respects privacy and builds from transparency to create trust.

Helping you understand your client’s context while protecting their privacy is what sets us apart and why you’ll trust us.


Your data should work for you and communication should be easy and direct.

With Day Dream’s omni-directional messaging system collaboration just works.


You’ll have control over your economic progress. Empowered by the knowledge you need to take it to the next level or keep life comfortable.

See how your network can come together to create amazing experiences for your clients to learn from and cherish for ever.

The Small Business


Harness the powers of the 1%

Adapt fast and know what comes next. Day Dream Technologies wraps powerful industry leading business analytics, communications, logistics and marketing tools in an approachable user interface that helps you attain your goals.

A simplified user experience that brings what’s import forward and creates consistency by automating the routine.


Know your business in a glance.

Is that Big Data in your pocket? Day Dream learns your business and your client over time. What it learns it uses to help you thrive.

When we said we’d make your data work for you. We meant it.

Day Dream uses it’s artificial intelligence to virtually refine any business model’s physical client interactions and logistics to reduce waste and improve client outcomes.

It does this automatically, through guided interviews with you answering specific questions about your business.

As your business grows so to does your ability to generate revenue from what you do best.


See the future without being creepy.

Small business analytics doesn’t have to be hard. You know the metrics.

Day Dream helps you innovate by providing you insight into your clients interest and your communities ability to respond.


Tomorrow everyone will have access to the tools they need to thrive. We’re excited to build a platform that will help people do great things.


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To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.
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